Gali Art, a family business, represents the combined efforts of a father and daughter complimenting each other in order to express their artistic freedom through the iron and steel fashion. Strong materials, that radiate with power and strength, as they were by blacksmiths generations ago.


From rough forging to fine pieces of art, the special products created in the workshops at Gali Art are always of the highest quality and workmanship. From candle holders through specializing in Light Fixture, each piece of Gali Art is handmade and unique.


Many pieces incorporate other natural materials such as stone, glass or wood and each piece is always stamped and numbered. Gali Art works closely with architects and interior designers creating pieces specifically designed to their client´s specifications: always completing the details of the project through the eyes of the artist. Gali Art, craftsmanship and quality of the highest order.



Kobi, a master blacksmith, has over 45 years of experience in custom iron and steel fabrication. This experience comes from a hobby that Kobi enjoyed. Working with his hands helped Kobi meditate and release the stresses of everyday life.  Over the years Kobi held another job in order to support his family. In 1994, Kobi decided that his hobby was his love and with the assistance and artistry of his daughter Gali, opened Gali Art.



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